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Garden Growth–15th April, 2019

Got caught in today’s spring shower, which was anything but light though it was warm (at first anyway)!  My sweatshirt hanging on a chair by the dining room radiator still isn’t dry, but then again the heat has barely needed to come on today.  Another 60°F day.

  • Watered the indoor seedlings.
  • Tidied up a bit by the side door entrance inside of the garage.  Things had been gathering there over the course of the winter, and at least there’s a cleared path now towards the middle/rear of the garage.
  • Scooped out the remaining safety glass bed dirt I hadn’t gotten to last year into two containers to free up the wheelbarrow for use elsewhere.  I have an idea for how to speed up the sorting process this year so I can finally stop talking about safety glass.
  • Gathered some woody bits and put them in the brush pile.
  • Bunched the spent milkweed stalks I recently picked up yard cleaning and put them in a corner of the new compost bin until I can chop them down to smaller bits because the rain had already started.
  • Quickly transferred as much as I could manage of the now not held in by the wire mesh old compost to the new bin.  The fencing piece we had put down yesterday to contain the materials from being blow by wind wasn’t a big one, and by the time I hit the edge of the fence piece it was getting colder and I was near to soaked through as the rain had turned hard fast.  I wanted to make sure little if any of the old compost would blow about since we’re also expecting some winds we did get the expected winds already and may have more tonight.
  • I had put down the kitchen scrap bowl on top of the weed barrel, and it was about half full of rain water when I was heading back inside.  It came to mind, as I adjusted the rocks that are under the gutter when the rain barrel isn’t there to help ease erosion that I might as well fill it the rest of the way up since we were running low for plantings indoors.  I used it immediately on the big bin with taters.  (I’ve been eyeballing the weather forecast, and I hope to get at least one barrel in place within a week.)
  • Tonight we planted the following seeds in egg carton flats:
    • broccoli, early purple sprouting
    • carrots, short ‘n sweet
    • gourd, luffa
    • milkweed, common
    • pepper, red cherry sweet
    • soybean, edible

We are now out of the organic potting soil we bought on sale at the end of season two years ago, but we do have some rather nice soil at the bottom of our old compost pile, which I plan to use for the next batch of seedlings after I screen it.

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