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First deer track sighting in the back yard.

After I finished shoveling out a path in front of the house for our postal carrier, I gathered my implements and headed back to the side door only to realize I’d forgotten to bring our compost bowl outside.  I headed towards the bin anyway, thinking to forge a trail through the drifts from the comfort of my snowsuit and to see what visitors we might have had.  Then I spotted something I hadn’t seen in the near four years we’ve been here.  Continue reading “First deer track sighting in the back yard.”

Note to Future Me #11

Stop dithering and either make two small leaf bins, or figure out how to make the time to clear out all the tiny saplings for the larger spot you and your partner picked but haven’t made time to clear yet.  I’ve already put too many leaves in the compost, though I did at least make sure to make them somewhat easy to take out later.  Sorry about the dithering!  Do better than current me, please.  [Later Note: Woo!  Done!]