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Garden Growth–17th April, 2019

I tried to get as much in as I could today because there’s a lot of rain predicted in the next couple of days, and it was too windy to finish moving the compost yesterday.  Cooler today, but definitely broke 60° F this afternoon.

  • Watered all seedlings, another potato needs to move to the bin as it’s grown quite tall.
  • Finished transferring the old compost material, and WOW does the spot where it used to live look ready to host any plants and help them thrive.  We’re thinking about putting one of the pumpkins there, not sure what else yet because my partner thinks it might not be sunny enough for the sunflowers (I don’t agree, but I’m sure we’ll find plenty to put there.)
  • Finally got a chance to test out the old compactible air pump I bought last year and it worked great on the wheelbarrow tire.  I learned the “clamp” lever doesn’t have to be fully depressed for it to be air tight and secure.  The compactible part is a flip out at the base of it so you can put a knee or foot to hold it in place as you pump.  It also has a nice wire clip at the top to hold the hose.  Great find.  When I unbury my wagon from the leaf bags, I’ll check those tires as well.
  • Cleared out all the spent stalks in the garage bed.  Still need to cut back the spent red raspberry canes and clear out all those berry creepers that we don’t know what they are.
  • Started removing wires for the sat dishes on our roof that were on the house when we bought it.  When it was a rental, the installer ran ALL the wire on the exterior of the house and wired three of the bedrooms, with exterior holes for each we’ll have to seal up once we get a ladder that can reach that high to finish the removal.  The genius also decided they didn’t need to use the nice ground rack set up for devices like theirs, and instead opened the main ground to put their wire in there.  Which was 1/8″ above the ground rack.  (I know it’s a sort of silly rant, but I don’t understand people who can’t see the forest for the trees/go out of their way to do something in a harder/potential more dangerous fashion than the obvious right in front of their nose!)
  • Saw a handful of lightning bugs while removing the wire, and later found one on my sweatshirt when I was back indoors, and promptly took that back out and let it go.
  • Also found many, many boysenberry runners while working in those areas, moved what I could towards the patch, but some were a bit too thorny for the gloves I was working in at the time.  I hope to get the safety glass bed dug out by the end of the weekend to start installing the espalier there, but we’ll have to see how the weather goes.
  • Spent a little time digging out more of the rubbish pit in the SW corner.
  • We are now in our second stage of The 2 Hour Garden plan, and there are some plantings that, for budget reasons, we did not get and we are trying to decide still what possible substitutes we already have.  That made me realize I never made a full list of all the recommended plantings to more easily think about substitutes.

Care to share thoughts on this?