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Site Change: the sidebar gallery

Last year I started the site in late March, and when I later added the slideshow gallery of the office window views, I just kept adding images as a new office window view post was added.

Once this year began, the old start order of the gallery made for a long wait until folks could see the images of this year.  I first rearranged the order when I realized that earlier this month so that it started at January of this year.  I then started deleting last year’s images after their day had passed this year, which I am going to continue to do to keep the overall slide show shorter and less confusing for new folks that might not notice the year shift in the captions.

I would like to make a comparative gallery page that shows each month alongside both years so far when applicable, but honestly I don’t have time just now and I also don’t know if anyone other than me would be interested in such a thing (feel free to leave your two copper for, ambivalent, or against below).  Perhaps next winter it will be something I might find time to do.  Time will tell.

Care to share thoughts on this?