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Garden Growth–April 13, 2019

The first in what I hope will become a regular effort to streamline a garden journal to have at least a finished dead basic record of what I’ve done on a given day.  Here goes!

  • watered all indoor seed starts
  • repotted one of the potato chittings
    • considered moving the ones with above soil stems outdoors since it was near 70°F so they could get more sun than they can indoors, but didn’t–will do this if it gets above 70° before May
  • continued to fill out the planting calendar
  • discussed possible shrub transplant dates with my partner for this month
  • spent somewhere between 2-3 hours working on:
    • transferred the milkweed seed pods and mullein flower top to a container to free up a tub I tend to use when weeding and I’m not ready to deal with those seeds yet (cursing myself that I didn’t rubber band the pods, as many opened which will make it harder to do the easier method of getting the seeds out)
    • emptied one of the leaf bags we got from a neighbor into the old leaf bin
    • front yard clean up- raking/spent leaf in beds gathering, sorting out errant trash from wind
    • picked up fallen twigs and sticks from trees
    • shrunk down the footprint of the current wire framed compost to free up some wire to make a new leaf bin next week
    • pulled any milkweed stems that were ready to let go from last year
    • pulled up more plastic landscape fabric from the rubbish heap someone in the past had in the SW corner, picked up the surface layer of rubbish underneath [Explanation: former renters for reasons I can’t fathom since we have town trash pickup instead did an old fashioned rubbish heap behind a bush, and it is definitely recent–found a cell phone cover today.  I don’t know how deep the pit is yet, but I keep finding more surface of it.  They apparently put landscape fabric over it to hide it from the former owner, and now that the fabric is deteriorating, the trash gradually makes itself known.  Yes this drives me nuts, but it’s part of why it’s taking so long to just clean up the yard, forget the usual amending or getting rocks out sort of thing.  *sigh*]
    • pulled up late last year grown dead weeds/grasses along the east side of the of the driveway
    • Noted a few general garden tasks on the planting calendar for this week

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