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Note to Future Me #14

Hey, Future Me.  It’s Past Me again.  This is another note about seeds, but this time, it’s about storage.

When you order your seeds on or just after Columbus Day?  If your seed tin and any other plant bits that are not bulbs or rhizomes you still need to plant soon are still in the office, move them to the cellar.

I mean, right now if it happens to be on or just after Columbus Day, unless you just happen to be reading this when the kettle is whistling.  Then do it while the tea brews.  Don’t wait til after the tea brews, or you’ll want to settle back down in your chair and get back to what you were doing before you read this.  Seriously, don’t wait til the tea is already brewed because after you take care of those things, the tea will be cold, and we hate reheating tea in the microwave, don’t we?  Yep.

While you’re at it, do the same if you have any containers with seeds you gathered still in the garage because freezing isn’t so great either unless they’re milkweed seeds or something else that needs cold stratification time.  Those can wait until after you drink the tea, but put the tin right next to your mouse so you won’t forget once the tea is all drank.

Speaking of the cellar, that’s where any root crops or winter squashes should be as well.  (Did we build that storage rack?  I hope we at least got one done.)  This winter, I tried storing some root crops in the library since the radiator was shut off since we couldn’t get it fixed this winter, and I thought that was one less trip up and down the steps if I needed to grab some while cooking too.  Welp, it worked pretty well until we got a warm spell and I forget they were in there.  Then some had gone bad the next time I went to get potatoes and carrots for stew.

The cellar is our friend.  Even more so as progress is made better storage down there.  So if you haven’t yet moved the root crops down, best do that near Halloween.  Oh, I should probably make another calendar note, shouldn’t I?  Half a moment…well will you look at that?  Halloween is on a Saturday this year.  That’ll do.  Note made, you’ll see that too when you flip to October.

Oh…speaking of notes.  Do you think you can remember when you get the 2021 calendar to mark garden important deadlines again?  Hrm.  Guess I should make a note for that as well just in case…okies, done in December.  (You’re welcome, by the way.)

I guess we’ll just have to keep this up until it becomes a habit…then we won’t have to worry about this sort of thing.  Then again, when it’s a habit…we’ll just do it out of habit.  *chuckles*

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