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May 9th, 2020 (afternoon)–Office Window View

Gone in hours, but still flurries most of the day.
The last unmelted snow on the ground is by the white fence around the compost pile.

It felt surreal to know it was May, and to watch broad daylight with sparkles because the flurries just kept coming back even if the ground was too warm to let them be once they landed.  The winds were wild all day, swaying from W to SW.  It was quite the squall, and I’m so darn glad I have not yet removed our temporary winterizing rope caulk on the windows that haven’t been reglazed yet, because the window with the broken parting bead is desperately holding against the winds even though the triple track storm windows.  In…May.

This shouldn’t surprise me.  Where I went to undergrad in western New York, I also recall a year that the graduation class really made a stink about not being able to graduate outside, so eventually the administration caved and started making arrangements.  Then there was snow the week before it was schedule in May, so they canceled it.  This was good because it also snowed on the graduation day itself.

Still, the latest we’ve seen snow since moving here was mid April, I think.  And we’re not far off either by latitude or elevation compared to where I went to undergrad.  So I should know better, really.

Our lilac bush out front may have taken a bad hit today.  The western side was coated with ice (did not get a picture, only saw it because we went to run a monthly errand.)  I’m sure there’s at least breakage.

We were planning on moving it when we finally put in the walk way this year (for real this year if I have to do it when it’s snowing!), so it’s going to be interesting to see how it handles the stress overall.

Compared to earlier this morning, near 5am:

That poor wee concrete creature!
Rain spattered storm window adds an interesting texture.

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