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Deadlines pass, other stuff happened.

So my original target for the regrade in the safety glass bed was the 4th.  That didn’t quite happen as planned, as rain kept happening and other life bits too.

Then I find out my partner thought our crabapple tree was an apple tree.  Now he’s suddenly less concerned about when we move it because it turns out he’s not real fond of eating crabapples.  *sighs*

I’ve also been a bit frantic trying to get a few things done because they just needed to happen for good reasons (cleaning out the gutter, working out how we’ll be moving the Berry Army, et al).

So I’m going to push back my regrade deadline two weeks.  I’m not happy about this, and I will still be working on it in stages, just farther apart as now seeds are on the way, and I have to focus on getting the beds ready for them, which also means coaxing at least part of the Berry Army to a new formation.

Speaking of the army…here there are this week:

Getting ready to requisition the troops.
Berry Army, first week of May 2018. I’m excited but also not totally looking forward to maneuvering these thorny berry soldiers.

This is them back in April.  They’re a determined bunch!

I think these are red raspberries if my memory is worth anything.
The Berry Army Rises Up.

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