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Really? Those are easy to grow!

When our soybeans failed to even break ground this year, it never occurred to me to go back and ask for a chat with the person that had told me before I’d planted them, “They’re so easy to grow!”  I never thought to ask questions that might help me learn even one of the possible differences between gardens.  We just blamed ourselves.  I assumed it was critters because of all the disturbance we’d had in the soil, my partner blamed his black thumb since he was the one that put the seeds in the ground.  Today, I had the ah-ha moment, which led to my writing this. Continue reading “Really? Those are easy to grow!”

Note to future me #2

You may have done some record keeping in 2018 you were (or maybe still are?) proud of, but you really need to remember to note where you planted certain flower seeds if you haven’t figured out a good way to start them indoors without artificial lighting again and decide to direct sow.  If only for the possible amusement of what flowers grow nowhere near the spot you think (or even know) you planted them.

It just might save you a plant ID search when it’s growing but not quite obvious yet since we get so many great volunteers here.  That’s time better spent doing other things.

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Follow up of attending my first Conservation Commission meeting.

As I noted before, I did finally attend a local Conservation Commission meeting, and in doing so found myself volunteering to help share some plants with a homeowner that inadvertently removed plants he didn’t know he shouldn’t because part of his land was in a protected flood zone.  Not a “you’ll flood every year” sort of flood zone, but what’s known here as a Q3 “100 year flood” zone.  You’d think there’d be some law stating sellers of homes should make sure buyers know about that sort of thing…I guess it’s more expected that folks will inform themselves about such.  I remember after I heard about one legendary Gardner flood, and soon found myself well acquainted with the OLIVER map which helped us strike a few homes off our house search possibles. Continue reading “Follow up of attending my first Conservation Commission meeting.”

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Why I like keeping garden records

Courtesy Notice: This is another of my long rambling posts.

The short answer: handy reference because my memory isn’t perfect.

The long one with history and how I arrived at my present record keeping status:
As I’ve mentioned before, last year was our first year here at Beebe, and I knew things would be a bit nuts.  (Beebe is what we call our house–it’s a beekeeper surname reference since we like bees even though we don’t have the name in our ancestry that we know of, and don’t actively keep them other than try to provide plenty of food to encourage them to be here.) Continue reading “Why I like keeping garden records”

2018 plantings list update

I made a decision about how to mark the survivors of this year’s planting.  I’m also trying to keep track of how many grew from how many seeds (when I can recall).