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Follow up of attending my first Conservation Commission meeting.

As I noted before, I did finally attend a local Conservation Commission meeting, and in doing so found myself volunteering to help share some plants with a homeowner that inadvertently removed plants he didn’t know he shouldn’t because part of his land was in a protected flood zone.  Not a “you’ll flood every year” sort of flood zone, but what’s known here as a Q3 “100 year flood” zone.  You’d think there’d be some law stating sellers of homes should make sure buyers know about that sort of thing…I guess it’s more expected that folks will inform themselves about such.  I remember after I heard about one legendary Gardner flood, and soon found myself well acquainted with the OLIVER map which helped us strike a few homes off our house search possibles. Continue reading “Follow up of attending my first Conservation Commission meeting.”

2018 plantings list update

I made a decision about how to mark the survivors of this year’s planting.  I’m also trying to keep track of how many grew from how many seeds (when I can recall).

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Watering, snipping grass, neglected compost and old foe skeletons

I did manage to get some time outside yesterday to do more than a round of watering.  Compared to last year, I’m consistently using three “can fills” per water from the rain barrel so far, where last year we barely needed just the one.  Most of that is due to the kitchen garden related plants, as well as trying to encourage some perennials that didn’t overwinter very well.  We haven’t been able to pick up the new rain barrel we paid for, but will when schedules align.  We haven’t needed it yet, so I’m not agonizing over the lack of pickup,  if it matters.

Note the two flying insect "shadows" you can see near the one cluster of fruit growing. I didn't even realize they'd made the shot.
Some of our plants have names (we’re odd). Shoobie, our northern highbush blueberry, was two years old when introduced last year, and this year’s crop is looking good for a three year old.

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Update on growing bits and seeds — second week of June ’18

Bought two plant seeds this week, black eyed susans and bachelor buttons.  I did manage to get them in a planter for the time being.  I’m still wary of the squirrels, though the susan seeds are so tiny they can’t possibly want to steal those, right?  I’m going to try stagger sowing them a bit, though not by much because the start is already pretty darn late this year. (Hullo, June!) So I only did some of each to start. Continue reading “Update on growing bits and seeds — second week of June ’18”

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Starting with a few seeds at a time

I have read about spreading out sowing times so not everything is needing harvesting all at once.  I’m also concerned about the Acorn Bomber Brigade making short work of some of the seeds.  I can’t wait too long for round two.  I know because I recall the sunflowers sown way too late last year that never had a chance.  Our growing season is only so long, after all. Continue reading “Starting with a few seeds at a time”