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Starting with a few seeds at a time

I have read about spreading out sowing times so not everything is needing harvesting all at once.  I’m also concerned about the Acorn Bomber Brigade making short work of some of the seeds.  I can’t wait too long for round two.  I know because I recall the sunflowers sown way too late last year that never had a chance.  Our growing season is only so long, after all.

As you’d know if you’ve been reading the blog, the weather this year brought delay and then abundant growing from already existing plantings which we are still in the process of sorting out because this is only our second year here, and the grounds were ignored for a while prior to our coming here.

No, we're not burying any bodies...yet

So yesterday we only cast a few of what we had time to sow.  I tried to make sure the longer growing time seeds went in first, but we didn’t get to all we wanted.

We still have more beds to make, and I didn’t want to overcrowd the one we have made even if I could transplant things later.  It’s been years since I’ve seriously kitchen gardened, so I lack the confidence at this point that any later transplants will be easy peasy to do even if I’ve read they should be.  That may sound silly, but it is what it is.

I also finally got the Knight peas I had picked up at the local farmer’s market in, but I don’t know if I over watered them or under watered them while they were inside, but they are not looking good, so I don’t know if they will recover.  They’re not brown, but they drooped considerably and the leaves still felt drier than they should be as I put them in, so who knows?  I planted some of the scarlet beans near them just in case they do die completely out so we won’t have a sad hole of nothing in that spot.

I did a walk about a few moments ago, and only one spot in the front beds where we decided to put at least the fairytale pumpkins for easy Halloween decor seems to have been dug into since then.  I’m hoping it was simply a seed that I sowed too shallow, but I didn’t double check to see if the seed was still there.  As I write this, I’m realizing how silly that was since those seeds are large enough it would have been easy to spot if it was stolen or not from a bit of digging.  I should probably go back and look later today.

What would be funny is if it was instead just another spot the squirrels are using to bury their food treasures, and just happens to be a coincidence that I planted a food seed there.

What we planted yesterday:

  • Knight peas
  • black turtle dry beans
  • scarlet runner pole beans
  • pencil corn cob
  • fairytale pumpkins

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