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Blue jay in the driveway–April 22, 2020.

I see you decorated just for me.
I don’t know what it was doing there, but it stuck around long enough for me to run to the office and grab a camera and take a few shots through the window.

The paint in the driveway was there when we bought the house.  One of these years we’ll put in a permeable driveway.  The current one is a rough pave over of what seemed a formerly dirt only driveway–they didn’t even bother to try to fill in the tire ruts, so the asphalts dips on each side.  *shakes head*  We already lost one muffler to the crest of the slope where frost heave formed a large break in the asphalt.  Constant scraping against that topmost break edge of the asphalt wore it down over time.  It’s one of the reasons we need to do something there this year even if we can’t upgrade the driveway the way we want.

Not sure if mad or not.
Hey! You looking at me?

I’m not sure if it noticed me, taking a picture of it through my kitchen window, but it sure seemed to!  It didn’t gaze my way long though, so if it did spot me, it definitely didn’t see me as a threat.

The bits of green to the upper left and mid right in this image to the left poking through last year’s fall grasses and leaves I tend to let go for winter mulch and insect overwintering is burdock.  I have a lot of digging out to do along the driveway this year as there is a lot more of it even though we’ve been trying to keep them out as we find them.  It’s a fairly common non-native here.

I have not yet seen any sign of the strawberry plants along the driveway, which worries me.  They were here before we bought the property.  Given the late snows, maybe they just know better and are still waiting to emerge from the detritus cover.

We’re still not certain what we’re doing in that strip between the driveway and our neighbor’s fence yet, since last year’s plan went awry.

Care to share thoughts on this?