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Where did all these blue jays come from?

And why are they in my kitchen garden where I’ve never noticed them before?

I really miss my better camera.
Managed to get two in one shot through the office window. Bad camera only still, apologies.

I haven’t planted any new seeds in that bed in weeks.  They seem to like the bean teepee as a perch, but aren’t bothering the plants that I can see.  The basil has started to flower, and one wildflower I let be might be starting to seed, but still.

Seriously.  I think I’ve counted six individuals flitting about so far.   Some seem to be juveniles, but I’m not a bird expert.  Normally I only see two max.

*thinks*  So what do you call a bunch of bluejays?  *goes to search*  Oh good grief.  I just looked it up, and apparently I had a small party of blue jays in my kitchen garden.  Can’t help but laugh at that!