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Observing more birds hanging out this year

I’m a bit excited that both some of the rewilding efforts we’ve put in, as well as the lack of time to make things a bit tidier than usual seems to be attracting a broader variety of birds that don’t just simply buzz through our yard heading east to our neighbor that keeps feeders out year round. Continue reading “Observing more birds hanging out this year”

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April 13th yard visitors

I am going to start a series to share the various creatures that appear in our yard.  Some stay, some are regulars, and some might never be seen more than once.

I need to clean the windows.
The blurb in the upper right is the possible starling.

While putting the kettle on for tea, I noticed what might be a starling in our backyard, and ran for the camera.

It was soon joined by two others.  Realizing the shots might be terrible through the not the cleanest windows, I tried to step Continue reading “April 13th yard visitors”