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April 17th Neighbor’s Yard visitor–yellow!

Yesterday, when it was time to take the compost out I noticed the strongest yellow fluff sitting on top of my neighbor’s short row of birdhouses and feeders (leftover from the former owner that sold the house last year.)

I almost stepped back inside to grab the camera, but thought my partner would startle it anyhoo.  I regret not asking him to wait a bit, even if it was a bit cold still.

As soon as we came into its view, off it darted.   I checked my National Audubon Society Pocket Guide to Songbirds and Familiar Backyard Birds: Eastern Region after returning inside.

When I first saw it, I was thinking goldfinch, but looking at the image in the guide, I didn’t recall the black wing or head cap, but I hadn’t really had a chance to look that close either.  I also don’t recall the other coloration on top of the yellow that would point to a yellow warbler or pine warbler (the latter isn’t really yellow enough all over to be even close).  So hopefully it will show up again, and I will have a camera ready then.

Care to share thoughts on this?