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Considering Herbs and Spices

Today I let an obvious notion give me a starting point.  I looked in our kitchen to see what we’re really using before making up a possible herb/spice seed list.

Yes, our fridge is tiny and the hoosier needs painting.
Organizing the kitchen tied into what to add to our seed list this year.

I’m sure what you see above looks like a LOT, but we used to use an old timey themed spice rack (the glass bottles with stoppers), and that meant for a lot of containers that were really dupes of what didn’t fit in same.  We also had a few additions due to all our moves where I couldn’t find what I was looking for and just bought it.

Last year, I had finally secured a basil plant (not really planned, but was a freebie from a neighbor), rosemary and lemon thyme in fall.  I had them on our side porch, all in their own containers (one actual pot, one plastic, one compostable).  Within a week, we had a plummet in temperature I was not expecting, and it killed all three because I did not bring them inside.  I was rather upset.  I did try to bring them back indoors, but failed.

At any rate, now I made a reason to consolidate and organize what we have, and I have a list to look over when we’re ready to revisit our list from last year.  I know the rosemary and lemon thyme are two I want again, beyond that, I’m still on the fence.  I am trying to keep the overall number of edibles down so I don’t get overwhelmed.

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