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A few observations

I couldn’t get all of them on camera, but I have been seeing:

– whatever the flash of yellow is

– juncos

– a bluejay

– starlings

– sparrows

– crows

– I think I spotted the tufted titmouse I saw last year, but didn’t get a good look

– squirrels

– a gray tabby I’d never seen before that I couldn’t see if it was collared or not

One thing I have not yet seen is any chipmunks.  I’m worried the feral cats might have flushed them all out.

I did see the oddest thing on my walk to downtown yesterday, though, a dead mouse. No easily discernible cause of death, just dead on the street.  Later, it was squished by a car by the time I returned, and the guts looked rather fresh.  So maybe it was caught by some flier that became startled and dropped it, with the fall being the cause of death?  I found it odd, but wasn’t willing to get a closer look, crosswalk or not.

Care to share thoughts on this?