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Guardianship update: 28th July 2018

We currently have four larvae and another egg I risked taking off a seedpod.

I say risked because I was worried I would squish it somehow.  I scraped it off the seedpod with the edge of one of the milkweed leaves on the small clipping I had taken to renew their leaves.

One larvae is I think still at its first instar, the rest seem to be on their second.  One of the three is larger than the others.  I wonder if that was from the first egg I had that hatched.  (I admit, they all look alike to me.)

I plan to transfer them to the larvae keeper next week, where plastic plants that used to have fishes swimming around them will be replaced by tops of common milkweed in water with monarch larvae chomping away.

For reference: I brought the first two eggs in a week ago today.

Care to share thoughts on this?