My 2021 attempt at Monarch Guardianship has begun

I’ve seen very few Monarch butterflies so far this year, and each time I have it’s only been one at a time in the yard.  Today, I finally found some eggs.  Four eggs are now in their respective containers, and only time will tell how many more eggs I may find this year.

Four repurposed yogurt containers, each has one milkweed leaf with a Monarch egg per leaf.
I sure hope this year is more fruitful than last year.

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Improving my Monarch data collection.

Compared to last year, it feels like the flood gates have opened as far as egg and cat finding and that’s brought about some challenges for me related to keeping track of them.  I am aware that there are folks that are raising significantly more than me, and I am amazed at them.  Before I get into organization, here’s a peek at the current older instars in their keeper.

Behold the awesome eating power of late instar caterpillars!
These four are now between their second and third milkweed top sets of leaves just for today’s eating.  The one to the right you see with most of them on it was pretty much gone when I brought in the third early evening.

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