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Begun, the Monarch Season has.

Very foggy this morning, but that didn’t deter me from looking.  I still have no idea if the Monarch butterfly I saw yesterday was male or female, but I did find eggs in the area of one of our common milkweed patches where it was flitting about.

This is not a product endorsement--I'm just too lazy to block out names on containers.
Oggers is already eagerly awaiting when they will be flitting about in the hanger bay.

I’m starting off with nine eggs so far.  I may find more later today if I have time.  I’m still playing catch up on chores now that our plumbing is fixed.

I’m trying something new this year–one egg per container.  This will help me keep track better I think, but only time will tell.  I’m also hoping it will help curb any possible disease spread, since last year we did have more than a handful that didn’t even make it to free flying adulthood.

We seem to be staying ahead of the yellowing milkweed leaves, but I did spot a few new ones this morning.  At least one smaller plant is looking rather poorly–even starting to brown.  I hope to pull that later today in case it’s not just damage from milkweed bugs.

Speaking of, I also squished two milkweed bugs (juveniles) today.  I was in a rush, so I didn’t take a picture prior to the squishing.  I can’t recall if we had any last year or the year before.  I did spot an adult a few days ago, but we were on our way out to run  errands, so no picture of that either.




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