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Finally seeing more Monarch visitors

I also found another egg.  [Later in the day edit: plus three more just a bit ago–no time to update the image.] I was surprised to find only the one given the flitting about I’d watched.  Yet, count wise, I’m way ahead of last year.  Image below was taken today in the incubator.  I ended up splicing two images together to better show all the residents in there, though now I’m realizing the two on the more yellow leaf are hard to spot given the leaf color (they’re just above the middle of the vein of the leaf).

It's harder to see the two on the lower leaf in the above panel, but they're there.
The unusually high heat is noticeably affecting the plants, as even some of the youngest leaves are a bit curled on the edges.

Current Count:

  • 1 chrysalis
  • 4 second instar
  • 4 eggs

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