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Rainy day, transplanted the pumpkin and corn seedlings

I hadn’t even given a thought as to whether some kitchen garden plants might suffer from being started indoors.  Then I found a list that went into some examples of what is ok, what isn’t ideal, and what not to start indoors.  As I scanned the list, then I started worrying about the corn in particular.

My suspicions of corn was confirmed when I worked it out of the pot and the kernal was still attached.
Concerned about further harm, I planted them this morning during a break in the rain.

Originally, I had marveled at how the indoor pumpkin was taller, but as I read further on that site and others, I realized it could also be that it was simply getting leggy for lack of sun.  Hopefully it will be ok in its new spot on the opposite porch bed from where our sole original sown pumpkin survivor is.

I don’t recall if I’ve mentioned this, but one of the reasons we planted pumpkins up front is we thought even if they weren’t ready for picking, they’d make an easy peasy addition to our Halloween decor. Despite being shaded when the sun is to the south, between the start of day and end of day we though it worth the risk. If these don’t perform well because it’s too much shade (I’m still reading up about growing pumpkins in partial shade), we can always plant them further out next year at the top of the slope.

The corn I’m a bit more concerned about because it was in the “don’t” group.  Apparently they are rather tender and fussy about being moved after they get going.  When I was working it out of the pot, I realized how thin the roots were, and that they hadn’t grabbed any dirt at all.  I’m not sure if that has something to do with it or not.

I am thinking more seriously about using peat pots and paper pulp egg cartons in the future for seedlings.  I’ve also started saving paper towel and toilet paper rolls as another method to try.  This way I can put them directly in the ground in their starter container, and not have to worry about damaging or shocking them during transplant.

Care to share thoughts on this?