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Indoor pot followup – 23rd July 2018

The two seedlings have grown a bit more, and we’re thinking to give them a few more days before we transplant them.  It might be faulty thinking, but after the yard party yesterday, I’d rather give them a bit more time to grow indoors so they don’t become victims of the critters.

I don't know why, but the pumpkin still breaking free of the seed shell reminds me of Audrey.
Definitely looks like corn and pumpkin to me!

I am very happy to see them doing well, even if they are half the seeds planted of each.  I’m also tickled pink that I saw an uncaptioned image on another site tonight of a squash seedling and I knew instantly what it was.

I’m really growing curious about the flower seeds.  All the flower seeds I tried to start in pots have failed this year.  The one planter I am more leaning to drowned to death because the material of same was not what I thought it was, and had no drainage holes.

I double checked envelopes for grow times, and with only one exception, they have much shorter times.  So they are not ever for this world, it seems.

I’m thinking about throwing caution to the wind and direct sowing a few of each if only because it seemed to work just fine for the black eyed susans.   We still have plenty of seeds for each type, so I think it’s worth trying a few more.  I will be sure they have some light grass stalk cover so whatever area I’ve cleared for them won’t be tossed by Dust Bathers. It’s definitely shied them off from the kitchen bed.  I have to cut back some stragglers the last front lawn mow didn’t catch anyhoo.

On the other hand, I’m thinking to try a few soybeans in this pot because none of those grew, and I still have no idea why.  Given their size, it may be they were too irresistible for the Acorn Bombers to leave alone.  I was told they are dead easy.   Perhaps I was told wrong.  I know it’s a bit late for them, but going to try anyhoo.

I’d really like to try another tomato, but when I asked some friends on a forum I haunt, they all said it’s too late.  So I’ll hold back on those.  I may attempt a few more carrots when I put the spinach in though.

Time will tell.


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