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rain, dandelions and new beds

I’ve been doing a bit of a dance of late trying to work around rain.  This is partly because we not only have a lot more dandelions that cropped up this year, but they are starting to seed like crazy.

Pollinators love us. Neighbors might not if I don't get the seeded heads off soon.
I’ll be putting in some Knight peas in that bed with the small wire frame later today. Rain’s been holding up bed progress.

The front and sides aren’t too bad, but the back is getting a bit crazy.  We like to keep some around for the pollinators, but the rain plus the number of plants has made it a lot harder this year to keep the seed turned heads down so our neighbors don’t complain.

I did dig up quite a few last year (and some with impressively long taproots, I must add), but despite that and being careful not to let many flowers go to seed last year, we have a bumper crop this year.  So I’m thinking I’ll plan to dig up five a day when possible until they get back to manageable numbers.

We’ve only started one bed for the kitchen garden so far.  I’ve got some starter Knight peas I’ll be transplanting in a bit.  I’m just waiting on the wash to finish, then I’ll take it out to hang and get to work on both the seeding dandys as well as getting at least the Knights in the ground.  We have poles from wood gathered from the property set aside for future pea growth (the Knights and others), but haven’t set them up.

It’s supposed to hit 80°F today, so I want to get as much done in the morning as possible.  Time will tell how it goes.

I’ve also been looking up companions for strawberries, as ours seem to be flourishing this year (even if there are just a few where they are going like gangbusters).  So I want to encourage them as much as possible.  Borage, thyme, nasturiums, marigolds, pincushion flower and speedwells have come up in my search so far.

And that’s the washer ending the last spin.  So out I go.


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