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Woo! Unexpected progress…

My partner somehow didn’t get called in today, so we started building our first kitchen garden bed where there will be peas and corn and other things.  It was hard to get an angle where you could see the rough width, length from the window, but it’s not finished yet anyhoo.  We’re on break now, and about to head back out to finish digging a bit, then we’ll fill with wood and see how tired we are.  It’s been a long day for us.

I still have a bit to finish on the regrade, but if he doesn’t get called in tomorrow, we hope to pick up the second rain barrel and put it in place.

Also wanted to mention, the by the driveway bed strawberry plants are more numerous than I thought.  I had spent a bit of time earlier weeding there.  Lawn grass especially wants to take root.  Some of the plants might be new because they are sending out runners.  I seriously do not remember as many as I’m seeing now.  I’ll try to post a picture of that tomorrow.

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