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Heirloom Seeds arrived today…

I ordered late, hence their arrival time.  They actually shipped faster than I expected since we stuck with the less expensive table shipping method.  I’m a little concerned about how late we will be starting some of these seeds, given our short growing season here. Then again, our frost time did drag out this year, so many will be pretty close to right on time.  Still, better a bit late then never at all!

I don't want to screw these up...
We bought nine different seeds (veggies/beans/fruit), and they sent one freebie.

I had read good things about the company (Heirloom Seeds) we decided to buy our first kitchen garden seeds from this year, and late or not, if we never put seed to ground there’s no chance of growing anything.  I thought it was also nice that the package had both a sheet with a general reference suggested planting times (noting you should check for your locality), as well as one specific to tomato, pepper and eggplant growing, but they also sent one free seed type, a jack o’ lantern pumpkin.  All the seed packets themselves have useful information on them.  All of this may seem like common sense things to do, but they do help my lack of confidence in this department.

My only minor disappointment was they sent them in a bubble wrap envelope.  I’m not a fan of  plastic, but I’ll reuse it at the very least.

We only ordered nine types this year.  We kept the order low because my partner’s never grown food, and I haven’t in many years.  So I thought it best to keep it fairly simple this year, and hopefully build up both our seed stock and range in time.

We will be getting some herbs as well, but I’m trying to get at least some plants locally.  Free time for such though, has been tricky.  The farmer’s market here in town has started back up again and is open today.  So I’ll be taking a walk over there shortly to see what I can find.  Some of the sellers also have ready for planting offerings as well.

Speaking of which, I just realized the time and I better head over there.

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