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The unexpected seed order

A friend of mine gave me a gift card to Territorial Seed Company, which is closer to the other coast so we hadn’t ordered from them before even though I had previously bookmarked a few of their products in my garden planning bookmark folder.  They sell an abundance of kitchen garden crops within their products.  Given our garden budget for this year had nothing earmarked for kitchen crops save one rosemary starter, this was a very welcome gift.  Hopefully—with some careful seed saving—it will also be one that keeps on giving. Continue reading “The unexpected seed order”

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Heirloom Seeds arrived today…

I ordered late, hence their arrival time.  They actually shipped faster than I expected since we stuck with the less expensive table shipping method.  I’m a little concerned about how late we will be starting some of these seeds, given our short growing season here. Then again, our frost time did drag out this year, so many will be pretty close to right on time.  Still, better a bit late then never at all!

I don't want to screw these up...
We bought nine different seeds (veggies/beans/fruit), and they sent one freebie.

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