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Crazy week, and I forgot to mention…

This first bit I might have mentioned and forgot I did.   My mister was insistent on transplanting the grapes despite my explaining more than once why August is a terrible time for such.  (Yes, they’re not doing well.  Why do you ask?)

That same day, I wanted to plant some spinach, but that bed just was not ready for it.  We did plant more carrot seeds in the first kitchen bed as well as some poppies (the orange kind), and I tried a few butterfly flowers near the grape trellis. though I don’t hold out much hope for those.

The next day?  Digging in the area, and I was glad I had tried another variation of the TP roll (cut it long ways, so it can part as the seeds come through).  Then the day after, I saw a young squirrel also nosing around.

No idea what will make it or not.

The pumpkins are still doing their level best, but don’t look like we’ll see fruit this year.  This yet again wild weather change can’t be helping.  We had hot, now we’re back to early fall cool again.  It’s nuts.

The older corn is doing great, the younger is plugging along.  Both scarlet runner and black turtle beans seem good, though one of the turtle bean plants’ leaves are going a bit yellow which I’m concerned about.

The biggest of the basil is finally tapering off, and now one next to it seems to be wanting to compete for biggest.  We’ll see how that goes.

The lavender still isn’t do much if anything.  It doesn’t look ill, but it doesn’t seem to be getting bigger either.

Rosemary should have been cut back earlier this year.

I did cut one of the parsley back, and when I went to do another, that’s when I spotted the eastern black swallowtail caterpillar.  So I stopped.  We really grew it as a companion anyhoo, so it can be bushy.

I actually caught myself wondering this week what on earth we’ll do (we meaning humans in general here) if the climate gets so unstable that we can’t grow food outdoors anymore.  Will everything have to go in greenhouses and walipinis?  I hope we don’t have to worry about that later.  I truly do.

Here’s a shot of the hurt butterfly, Junior or otherwise, taken on the 22nd.

Poor fellow!
I can’t say with certainty that this damaged butterfly is Junior, but it’s definitely the same one I found under the car that eve.

Care to share thoughts on this?