Posted in Progress

Critters Page incoming…

I will be adding a critters page within a week that will list out various critters I’ve seen here, with images when I have them.  It will also have a sub page for monarchs with some dead basic links to sites that folks can follow to learn more about them.  Over the very long term, I hope to add more sub pages for further info on the critters here.

Monarchs are a species I know better than most at this point, and my guardianship this year has brought me to my now novice level of awareness of them.  So I’m going to start with a specific focus on them.

Over the course of the late fall/winter, I will be adding further sub pages topic specific to various monarch info subsets that will contain bits like resource links, how to sorts of info, as well as whatever else seems relevant.  I am hoping to interview my local monarch expert during the garden off season, and if she allows that, I’ll post up my interview with her as well.

Speaking of, if you are a monarch guardian, I would love to interview you about it.  You don’t have to be an expert!  I simply want to broaden the pool of information based on guardian experiences and practices.  If you are a monarch guardian, please contact me if you would like to be interviewed for such a purpose.

The point of the Critters focus is because they are not only additional data points for our gardens, but I would like to share what I learn about how each affect our gardens as well.

Maybe next year I hope to be able to share info on topics like: Which are really pests, and which are beneficial?  How many are in between?  What do they eat?  What attracts or repels them, and so forth.

Care to share thoughts on this?