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11 June Plantings update.

I updated the “planting soon” list & 2018 Plantings page.

Two of three black turtle beans have broken through, as have two of three scarlet runner beans.  No sign of life yet from the corn–still worried the Acorn Bombers got those.  I caught one sniffing around the strawberries today.  You bet I shooed it!

We also planted Bonzilla (the zelkova), but we are very worried about it.  The tree is still quite flexible, but no leaves whatsoever.  Worse, when we pulled it out of the pot, the soil in the pot was infested with black ants.  This does not bode well for Bonzilla.  Yet time will tell.

Also still no sign from the fairytale pumpkins, but I hold out hope.

When the new bed is done, then we can plant the rest of our kitchen garden this year.

Care to share thoughts on this?