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Garden Growth–May 30, 2020

I spied my first Luna Moth this year while doing a last round and watering this evening.  I was hoping to get a bit more done in the garden today, but something is better than nothing.

It didn't click at me, so obviously I'm not much of a threat.
I rarely even spot these on our property, and although this was the best photo I managed out of the bunch–better than nothing.

  • Managed to get my partner to prep the pie pumpkin seeds (edge sand, then water bowl though they are floating just under the surface no matter how much he poked them) that hopefully we’ll be planting on the morrow.
  • Started counting seed potatoes to get an idea of if we need to expand the beds this year, put two that all on their own decided it was time to send out a stem in a shallow water bowl for the time being.  One of which is the itty bitty baby barely the size of my thumbnail I found while digging out potatoes last year.  I guess it was worth holding onto!
  • Although I did a bit more clearing at the safety glass bed so I could start to find the rock border, there is so much more to do.  I failed to get the remaining germinated Grandpa Ott seeds in the bed, which I will do first thing tomorrow after I finish clearing last year’s creepers from the area they’ll be planted.
  • Put the bee bath near the safety glass bed so the water dripping from the roof can help keep it filled in the hopes I’ll get to see more of them flying about from my office window.  I plan to make at least two more this year, one will only have marbles found in or outside the property.
  • Kept up with snagging seeding dandies to dump in the baking bin on the way back from trips to the compost.  I wish I had thought of this sooner.
  • Did get a bit of weeding done today, still loads to do.  I’ve mostly been focusing on the taller grass out front in the hopes it will make the lawn look less ratty.  The volunteer fleabanes are coming up on the west side of the front lawn, and I’m going to test transplanting some this week to see how they do.
  • I realized I completely underestimated how much work needs to be done where I want to put the gladiolas.  I will finish that tomorrow after we handle the double area clearing, then milkweed transplants and planting the pumpkin seeds.
  • The rain barrel’s water level is now high enough after last night’s rains that I could fill my water pitcher without having to tip it.
  • In my excitement of finding and then capturing an image of the luna moth, I completely forgot to do the minor pruning I thought I’d do to the winter burned holly just before heading back inside.  We did decide today that when they are transplanted, we’re going to plant them in a spot where they’ll help as a wind break for the rhododendron in the back which has been strangled a bit by some hedge worth plant that’s slowly taking over the south edge.  We will be thinning that heavily this year, but encouraging it across since any hedge would help hide our neighbor’s chain link fence a bit.
  • Set aside the next batch of seeds that I’ll start soaking later tonight.
  • Found while spring cleaning detritus today: the red tab of a Bic lighter, a handful of plastic landscape cloth pieces, half a dozen unidentifiable broken hard plastic  bits of various colors, small chip off what looks like a car light cover (clear).

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