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Pondering a notion on natives and non.

So the property already had some non native plants mixed in with the “locals” here before we bought it, and I have since added some as well through both blissful ignorance and two deliberately foreknown sentimental based acquisitions.  While making tea tonight, I had an idea…what if I made labels for all the plants in the front yard designating which is which?

I’m thinking markers using a traffic light comparison…green would mean native, yellow would be introduced/naturalized but not invasive or noxious, and red would be invasive/noxious.

I’m trying to figure out how to put out a decent enough looking sign the neighbors might not complain to at least explain the symbolism.  If I can find a way to be succinct about it, I’ll add a note about why I did it.  Hrmmm…I still have the letter/number wood burning kit that might do the trick.

So…crazy idea or not?  It seems like a way to raise awareness for folks that like to learn such things. It could be a conversation starter as well.  If nothing else, it’s definitely a way to remind myself to stop buying things on impulse if I am not completely familiar with a specific plant/variant.

Offer your two copper below if you feel so inclined.  I’m curious to know what folks think about this notion.

Care to share thoughts on this?