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Garden Growth–27th April, 2019

Today was a disappointing day on many fronts.  I’d been fighting a bit of a reaction to I don’t know what the last few days, and was ill enough from it that I did not make it to the Earth Day clean up.  Should be obvious, but should be said: I also got diddly done around the yard.

  • Watered the seedlings late, still no sign of anything new in the cartons or the herb grow kit.  The cilantro is choking itself because I was afraid to thin more.
  • Tried to do some garden related reading and web browsing when I wasn’t napping, getting frustrated with myself over my lack of note transferring to here as to edible plantings and companions and such.
  • Rainy day, but if I’d felt better, could have done more.

Care to share thoughts on this?