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Garden Growth–26th April, 2019

Not the best start to a gardener’s day, but also not the end of the world.  The weather persists in spells of rain, and temperatures seem promising still.

  • When I went to water the seedlings, something had happened to the big potato bin in the dining room.  The largest stem was both broken over and seemed to have claw marks on it, and there were distinct cat paw sized prints around it.  I suspect that our more curious of the bunch wondered what wonder might be in there, and jumped in, only to find himself not in a situation he predicted and he promptly jumped out.  Oddly, I could find no obvious dirt from paws jumping out, but maybe our resident ninja used his tail to sweep any traces closer to the door where it wouldn’t be noticed.  I was upset, and I resolved the potatoes we had downstairs would need to be moved…but where?  We later resolved to put them in the spare bedroom.  This concerned me because it’s the only room up there with no heat (don’t ask, I don’t know why they built the house that way), and the sole window faces west and light is mostly blocked by the house next door and trees that border the properties.  Still, the temps in there had hit 70°F recently (I keep a thermometer in there out of idle curiosity.)  So I hoped if the warmer weather kept up, they might be alright.
  • When I went to do the compost walk, I then got the shovel out and dug a new hole for Shoobie since we had banana peels in the kitchen scrap bin, found a few rocks, still feel like the spot will be too shady, given all the bushes in the rock wall.  I’m worried if we wait any longer, the transplant shock may prevent any berries this year.
  • Did some quick random cleanup.  The rains come with winds, and there is no end of the bits and branches that fall.

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