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April 21st, 2019–Office Window View

The doghouse is dead. Long live the doghouse.
It is still so odd to not see the doghouse in its usual spot.

We still have three of the four main support pieces that need a ridiculous amount of nails removed from them, but aside from maybe three or four we simply could not get out, the rest is done.

In addition to getting all the wood sorted out, we also removed the shingles. There is some lovely lichen and moss on a few of them, and I need to figure out how to transfer that elsewhere.  Likely a putty knife.

We still do not have a purpose for all the wood yet, as there is more rot than we anticipated.  We don’t want to store the bits in the cellar or the garage because there are still so many critters lodged into various channels and such.

Care to share thoughts on this?