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Doing my level best…

I have been getting ready when I can to begin the indoor seed starters out of what we have so far already seed wise.  I hope to have at least four veggies in their starter pots by this time next week.  If I manage more–woo hoo!

I’ve also been trying to get my hard copy planting calendar marked up as well, but I have resigned myself to accept that my health has gotten in the way of plans.

One small happiness is I did finally get some spider plant bits out of the bag on the windowsill above our kitchen sink, and planted in a pot.  One more thing off the mighty ToDo list.  Despite letting that go long past when I should have, all the baby bits look happier already themselves, and fortunately they really are hard to kill.  Unlike African violets (though I’ve not given up on mine just yet.)

So, in the same spirit as above, I’ve got to try to get done what I can.  No one wants a repeat of the late start from last year.  *chuckles*


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