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Speaking of seed starting…

One of my neighbors stopped by today to ask if I wanted to look at a few things they were going to get rid of before they boxed them up to take them to a shop that puts sales proceeds towards helping a shelter.  A few things she mentioned grabbed my interest, so I said, “sure!”

I then headed over with her, and as we were chit chatting on the way, I asked if she’d want some things we’d been meaning to get rid of ourselves (some of which were among the many boxes of whatever items leftover from the garage sale we got for free when another neighbor was clearing out her house to sell).  She said, “sure.”

Less than an hour later, the table I’d set up in the spare bedroom to put things we wanted to get rid of was half empty, a few boxes of our things were in the back of her car with the rest of her own donations, and from her I received a few things, my favorite of which was a still in the box herb pot kit.

And, lo, there was much rejoicing for unsought bounty.
We are so lucky to have likeminded share and swap type neighbors.

When she had mentioned it on the walk to her place, I thought maybe she had used it before, then never bought seeds to use it again.  Nope!  All the original seed packets are unopened: chives, cilantro, curled parsley, sweet basil, and thyme.  I have no idea how long this sat unused (and didn’t ask because I assumed she’d already used the seeds), but it doesn’t look old and the box barely had any dust on it, so hopefully the seeds are just fine.

Everything is in great shape, so I know what I’ll be doing later today.  The trick will be to find a sunny spot in the kitchen that’s wide enough for the set up.

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