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Oh, right…it’s March.

I stumbled upon a new-to-me garden related site today.  I received a whack in the back of the head reminder when spotting a post that talked about different systems to make a calendar or use apps to keep track of when you should be starting seeds indoors.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed posts on other sites about such, but for some reason, when I was looking at the table they provided with dates for seed starting and transplanting to ground, my brain sort of shrugged off the winter bug haze and paid attention.

Even if last frost is May, we are going to be trying out our first homemade cold frame this year to get a leg up given our predicted short growing season.  Which means our earliest to plant crops need to be started now or near to now.  Oops.

This is particularly important to me because of how late we planted last year because we ordered seeds late.  Some of our food crops never stood a chance, solely due to our tardiness.  I’m also really hoping the cold frame does well, so I have an excuse to find more old abandoned windows and give them a new life.

So I guess I’ll be digging out the terrarium soon!

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