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One week until the first community garden meeting.

I was at City Hall today to take care of a few things, and I stopped by the Conservation Commission office to touch base on a few works in progress like the milkweed seed packets, the upcoming Arbor Day sapling giveaway, and other things they do or have a hand in locally.

Unless we get another surprise storm, hopefully the Community Garden group will be meeting for the first time a week from today.  Jeff confirmed that it is a clean slate, with no set agenda as of yet to go by to think on things in advance.  So some of the queries I made today, I made sure to note when I returned home so I wouldn’t forget to bring them up again at the meeting, which he had asked me to do.

Related to my visit, I need to get cracking on finishing the defluffing the milkweed seeds I have from 2017 so I can see how deep into 2018’s I need to go or not to prepare the first batch of seed envelopes.  I want to get the rest of the fluff out of the house.  The interaction between kitties and escaped from the bag milkweed fluff is amusing to watch, but potential dangerous for things in the way between kitty and fluff.

I hope to post pictures of the packets when I’m done with them, because why not?  The two packets in the image above are leftovers from a giveaway a grocery store did that we used to live near in NJ.  I do not want to be buying plastic envelopes, and would much rather use paper.  I may use the “coin” envelopes, or something else.  Still pondering that.

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