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Site Changes: About, The Grounds, Friends?

I realized too late one small flaw in my site change notification plan.

When you change a page, rather than a post, you can’t give them a category.  That means the changes I’m going to talk about in this progress report won’t show up if someone checks the “Site Change Notification” Category.

Knowing that now, I created this progress report so anyone looking can find these oddball notices that will mean one or more of the pages has changed, not one of the posts.

Tonight I changed About and Friends? as promised.  I also added a sub (child) page to About called “The Grounds”.  The About page now talks only about how this blog came to be.

Everything that used to be on the About page that refers to why the tagline here is “Maybe it will be friends with me?” has been moved to the Friends? page, and I changed the presentation of the images so you can see more info behind and about them.

Everything that used to be on the About page that talked about the history of the property and what we found ourselves having to work with here itself has been moved to a new addition, “The Grounds” page.

Feel free to explore and share any thoughts you might have about these changes.  I would also greatly appreciate it if you would please let me know if you find any errors.

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