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A day without rain! Whatever shall I do?

Today there is no rain scheduled until 9pm.  We’ll see how that turns out.  What I need to do is pick three possible things that take a while to possibly focus on, just in case when the sun comes up it looks like that forecast holds water.  (Yes.  Terrible pun.  Have I mentioned I love puns here yet?)I did get some bits done in the rain yesterday.  It was mostly frustrated berry picking where I left empty handed, and no, not because I’d eaten the entire mug’s worth (my usual gathering tool.)  Some spot weeding, and a general check of the yard.  Added a bit to compost which I meant to turn but now realize I plumb forgot because I got distracted by a cluster of bugs on a raspberry that looked similar to one I had taken a picture of on my hand the day before.  Speaking of…

If we do get rain, I already know I’ll write about a new ladybug type I made the acquaintance of this week.

If we don’t get rain…hoo boy.  *pulls out the ToDo list*  Yep…I need to think about this more.  Preferably over some breakfast.

For shorter tasks, there are a load of spots that need weeding (thank you rain); some bits I need to clean up so there’s a clear path for at least a few feet after entering the side garage door; stake the other black eyed susan that is now taking a bow; I’d like to get at least one of the bins filled that I set aside to start picking up the pea gravel from the old play area; and decide if I’m bringing in the new monarch eggs I found on a seed pod (Really, monarch mom?  You thought a milkweed seed pod was a good place for your kids to start off?  Guess that gives new meaning to walking uphill both ways from childhood.  “When I was a baby, we had to crawl uphill to get out of the egg and find a leaf to eat!  Then we had to walk uphill back just to check on our siblings still in the eggs nearby!”)  That seems a good short task list within reach.  The weeds alone I bet I could spend half a day on.

Anyone else trying to plan what time they can manage in the garden?  Feel free to share.

Care to share thoughts on this?