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67 days until Autumnal Equinox

Sometime in the last week, I realized that although autumn feels far off, it’s been a longer while since I last photographed snow on the ground (107 days).

That got me to thinking about how much time we’d have left before leaves would be turning and my early morning writings at this desk would be getting noticeably less light from my office window.

Time to move certain plants, and trim others.  About around the moments when I should start thinking about better seasonal storage for our sturdy older tools so there’s less rust come next spring, making sure all the seeds leftover are safe from any thieves, hungry or otherwise.  We might even take a moment or two to look back at this year and see how much has changed since our first year here.  Hopefully it will also be a phase when we’ll start building new end of major growing season cleanup habits.

With all that said, I hope to keep September 22nd in the back of my mind in the near future, and start to sort through my warm months To Do list.  It’s time to figure out what must happen, what would be really nice to have happen, what might happen, and what likely will never happen before next year.

Looks like it might be a good time to dust off the Countdown.  I think I’ll start with a general countdown to autumn, then when we pick a must do, I’ll likely switch up to that unless it’s something we can get done the day we decide on it.

Care to share thoughts on this?