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New mini project: Monarch larvae keeper

I saw a curbside ad on Craig’s List today for a “terrarium”, and go to the address. I do so in the hope I might get my hands on a more suitable container for a project I’ve been wanting to do.

A potential larvae home.
I forgot to mention the overhead lamp, which I have yet to check if it works or not.

As suspected, it’s what used to be an aquarium (still had the plastic plants, underwater background image affixed to one long side and some particulate on the bottom) but apparently ceased to be so after a crack developed.   It’s been a while since I’ve had an aquarium (always fresh water), so I had to do a search before being certain this is a 25 gallon tank.

Bonus: it has a clip on top with wire mesh and none of the clips are broken.

So after a clean up and finding a nice spot for it, it should be all ready for any monarch eggs or larvae I may yet find this year to try to practice Monarch Guardianship.

Speaking of monarch butterflies, I did spy another flutter past my office window today, but it was long gone by the time I dashed outside.

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