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Few bits about what’s been up since July 7th

Time is again flying by, so here’s a few things going on to let you know I’m still busy in the garden:

  • put up our first teepee style support for the one scarlet runner bean plant that has been reaching beyond the square wire frame we stuck in “for now” back when
  • have kept the milkweed tussock larvae, they have just hit their third instar today and are all sorts of ugly duckling but cute as the dickens fuzzy
  • will later write about more Conservation Commission stuff
  • put up a new clothesline which did not go as well as I’d hoped because we used hardware I didn’t really want to use–also had to close up the sparrow soffit birdhouse after cleaning it out
  • have given up reading more than two garden books at a time–will wait for winter
  • two fuzzy tall stem flowers showed up in the front yard porch bed, no clue what they are yet
  • still looking for monarchs
  • found another volunteer grape on the property
  • really starting to despise oriental bittersweet
  • the red raspberries are finally more red than pink
  • still plenty of black raspberries to pick at least a cup a day
  • blackberries still developing well
  • blueberries almost ready for picking
  • strawberries continue to be raided by critters
  • the main milkweed bed is already starting to show signs of seed pod development
  • our bee balm out front is doing amazingly well and no leaf mould so far
  • still waiting to hear back from one lady about lily and garden stuff in general
  • decided we don’t want a lot of rectangle beds, sketching out something more interesting for the backyard which has held up the new bed we were working on
  • still dithering on whether to move the main compost area elsewhere before we put up the used fencing we scored
  • 2/3 coreopsis we divided from one store bought last year are doing well, the 3rd was placed in a spot that apparently gets too much critter traffic and did not come back
  • none of the seeds I started indoors are doing diddly, but the tiny red maple is doing very well
  • one plant we had in abundance last year has returned and I am determined to have it be one of the ones I ID this year
  • further development with the Conservation Commission, but more on that when time allows
  • still can’t get more disks for my better camera, cheap camera has been hit or miss of late

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