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The fencing I mentioned/pictured.

We were driving back from errands the other day, and as we drove up a street near our house, I almost missed a pile of fencing leaning against a low retaining wall with a “Free” sign attached.  Almost missed because it was set back a bit in the driveway and not really curbside.

Two trips later and we had taken all but two pieces that didn’t match the rest.  Also nabbed two sturdy trellis pieces and two…well, heavy duty looking pallets is the best way to describe them, I think.

When we get at least one of the projects we have in mind finished, I’ll post more of how we picked it up and why I am so glad I bought an old fashioned tire pump with the metal bit that sticks out to plant a foot on to keep it steady.

Rain today, which is supposed to start in about an hour.  I have one long set aside indoor house project I hope to finish today during the rain.

Time will tell.

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