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How to Avoid Being Seen



A closeup photograph of a red columbine flower in bloom with a small bright yellow green unidentified insect on one petal, perched in a head down position. The body color of the insect is similar to the tips of the columbine petal where it clings, as the soft redder hue is more concentrated on the higher portion, where the tip is part of a lighter ridge that is a similar color to the tip. The antennae of the insect align in size and shape with parts drooping down from within the center of the flower. In the background are some gray rocks and the topmost one has deep green moss growing on it.  The trunk of a paper birch growing behind is seen breaking the frame in the top right corner, and bright green grasses are behind the birch.  In the foreground is a wild blackberry creeper not yet in bloom, and between that and the rocks is a maple sapling..
Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and smile a little at how natural it blends in.

I didn’t manage to get out yesterday, so when I went to check on the Columbine my friend gave me I was so happy to see so many blooms.  I did see the little practitioner of how to avoid being seen, but thought I snapped the shot too late.

Had I taken this from a different angle standing a bit further to the right, it may well have not been so easy to see!  Natural camouflage indeed.

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