Posted in Progress

March 20th is the Spring Equinox

Which means that as Past Me wanted to remind Future Me, today’s an ideal day to take some shade/sun pattern pictures at 6AM, 9AM, noon and 3PM to start in on this year’s shade & sun mapping of the back yard.

Sure, steady sleep hasn’t been a thing lately, but hopefully this round will be a bit more timely than the last attempt.

Also, don’t forget to do so from the upstairs bathroom window…bigger overview of the back yard and all that.  Oh and Past Me was real specific about noting the exact time and day because the camera clock might not be right again because of daylight savings time and all.

Oh…right…one last thing—please post them this weekend.  It doesn’t have to be right after per image.  Still, before Monday would be great, because Future Me is going to be really swamped for a while fixing stuff from that migration mess and all on top of all the other stuff on the ol’ To Do List–awesome to behold as ever, right?

Future Me will surely appreciate not having one more draft post to finish.

Care to share thoughts on this?