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I see you shiver with ant…

It took me a while before I started to feel like the conspiracy board meme guy, but all through this week ants just keep showing up in my life.

It started out innocently enough.  As a comics loving gal with friends of similar interest, of course there is chatter about a certain MCU movie. Nothing to think about too hard there, really.

Shortly after, one of the folks I follow on Twitter retweeted the article link for, “Don’t crush that ant—it could plant a wildflower“.  (This was totally within their scope due to conservation/seed issues.)

Then, in a different political discussion about the carbon targets of the Biden administration, someone linked the following: “Jack Ma’s Ant Pledges To Go Carbon Neutral By 2030“. (In case you don’t know, “Ant Group” is a recent rename of an affiliate of his (Alipay), which if I did know that before…I had forgotten before I clicked on the link.)

I was kind of mulling over all the various sayings at this point that are variants of: “Once is a X, twice is a Y, three times is a Z.”  I admit that it was a bit surreal.

So by now, my brain is juggling whether to not care or laser focus in on this.  So I guess it makes sense that while scrolling through my font list trying to recall the name of a font I knew the look of but couldn’t recall the actual name of to build a graphic…this was bound to stand out (in case you’re wondering—no, this was not the font name that had slipped my mind):

Then in the online presentation I attended on Wednesday, the mention of field guides comes up, and what’s smack dab in the center of a pile of field guides?


Overlapping imagery from various field guides.
What’s weird is I don’t even remember seeing that guide during the talk, I caught this on the rewatch after I posted about the talk here.

Then just yesterday, I was looking for a specific garden book, which I did manage to find for a very reasonable cost (and that had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANTS DIRECTLY—I haven’t yet read the book, ants may be mentioned).  The same seller also had a most curious 1933 book about ants–but not just any ants–punny ants!  I would have wanted this book solely for the art even if it wasn’t punny.

In some ways, because this is a gardening site an ant being something that is likely to come up just kind of goes with the territory.  However…look at all those instances in a week, and consider which ones have nothing specifically to do with the insect known as an ant and gardening.

I do want to mention at this point because I feel like it needs be said in this all-ant-all-the-time moment: in case you didn’t already know, a myrmecologist is a scientist that studies ants within the branch of entomology.

Lastly, if anyone reading this post is wondering why I chose the title I did, just do a search for “Rocky Horror postponed”.  There’s been another round of articles reporting on how various theaters are/continuing to postpone performances due to Covid-19 (some after having already done so last year).  It’s a stretch, but it just popped into my head when I was debating titles and it made me laugh so I ran with it, goofy as it is.  I think we can all do with a bit of goofiness right now.

Care to share thoughts on this?