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Note to Future Me #6

Remember those images of the shade changes in the backyard we took last year in mid May after reading about how useful it is to understand which parts of a garden is shaded or not, and when?  They were then filed away in the “Progress” folder, and I only found them again this year while hunting for an older picture.  Here’s a refresher in case you forgot again:

When I found them, I realized they were nice to have, but it would be useful to have a set for both equinoxes and solstices.   Yet did I take any shade pictures this year…of any side of the yard…even if I remembered after summer solstice which still would have been better than nothing for the summer?  Noooooo.  *sighs*

It’s raining right now, so I can’t do it today.  Please don’t blame me for today at least.  If the predicted weather holds true this week, I will take a set when there’s sun based shade to capture as soon as I can so you’ll have that at least.

Future me, I hope you remember to snap a set at autumnal and winter.  Hopefully you won’t forget next year for spring and summer either.  Don’t be like past me or now me, future me.  Write down time of day too and label them before you lose your notes.  They really could have helped us plan better this year–especially in the front yard.

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