Note to future me #8

I know you’ll be anxious a lot this year because once again there is so much you want to do and gosh darn it you had to have learned something last year, right?  At least it was way better than two (now three) years ago, right?  Yep.

Don’t forget you now have a porch swing to go to sit and think or forget or ponder or whatever.  You will get overwhelmed.  Take a break and go swing. Continue reading “Note to future me #8”

Note to Future Me #6

Remember those images of the shade changes in the backyard we took last year in mid May after reading about how useful it is to understand which parts of a garden is shaded or not, and when?  They were then filed away in the “Progress” folder, and I only found them again this year while hunting for an older picture.  Here’s a refresher in case you forgot again: Continue reading “Note to Future Me #6”

Note to future me #5

Better forewarned than to lose something due to being lazy about double checking data–or at least look for any updates on said data down the road.

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Hoo boys–first frost possibly earlier?

My partner is home and among other topics we discussed, one was first frost date for this year.  My printed copy of 2018 Farmer’s Almanac had Worcester as the closest city listed, and that was said to be happening on October 19th which I just recently added to our planting page.  (Which I will note the change on after I post this.) Continue reading “Hoo boys–first frost possibly earlier?”